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Caring Transitions is your Total Solution. We manage Senior Moving, Downsizing and Estate Sales, including full or partial liquidations of personal and household items at the best prices.


 Estate Sales

We understand that losing a loved one is very emotional and overwhelming. Often families are left in a position where personal belongings need to be sold or liquidated in a timely manner for the best possible price. Caring Transitions keeps your family’s best interests at heart by acting as your on-site advocate and coordinating the liquidation of your loved one’s estate. We give families peace of mind by minimizing stress and maximizing returns.


Caring Transitions knows how to make downsizing less complicated. When you or a loved one decide to move into a smaller, more comfortable and convenient home, we can help you through the process. Whether you’re an empty nester or need to right-size for economical reasons, Caring Transitions can help you categorize your belongings to fit them into a more comfortable lifestyle. Our dedicated professionals can help get the highest price for your items and can arrange for storage or shipment of pieces to other family members.

Senior Moving

When Seniors can no longer live safely and securely in their homes due to illness or aging, Caring Transitions gives families peace of mind by coordinating all the details of relocating. The move to a retirement community, nursing care center, hospice, or even another family member’s home can sometimes be overwhelming for families. It’s more than just packing boxes with household items and selling a home. It’s also sorting through years of wonderful memories, precious heirlooms, treasured antiques, and personal belongings.


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When you need help with one of life’s changes, find your total solution with Caring Transitions. Request a Free In-Home Consultation today with Ron, Vicki, Steve or Thad, to learn more about the services we provide. Contact us with any questions you have about our Senior Moving, Downsizing and Estate Sale services.

Our goal: your peace of mind!

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Client Testimonials


Here at Caring Transitions, we don’t just “do Sales.”  We honestly do our best to make life easier for families dealing with life transitions. Simply put, our goal is to take care of the “stuff” for you so you can take care of your family, your business, and your relationships … the really important things in your life.

Are we any good at reaching that goal?  Here are some comments from folks who know. We’re proud to have been selected to help with transitions in their lives.


 May 2014

 "In a few short weeks, you turned what appeared to be an insurmountable job into well- organized event. The results of the sale surpassed our expectations."

C.M.,  Carl Junction, MO


September 2014

"I am very pleased that I chose Caring Transitions. The left me completely at ease and always responded to my calls and questions. I would recommend Caring Transitions to anyone having to sell or downsize. You made things so easy for me and after sale cleanup was fantastic." 

J.H., Webb City, MO


August 2014

"They did an excellent job setting up the sale and I was also very impressed with the clean up after the sale. Thank you."

J.K., Bella Vista, AR


 May 24, 2013

 "Thank you seems like such a small word compared to the amount of care, respect and professionalism you and your team put into my parent's sale. We couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. The decision to sell items from my parent's home was a difficult one to make from day one. I appreciate the attention to detail your staff put into sorting, displaying and pricing items. The respect for my family and there belongings was amazing. I also was comforted in knowing that the special items in the home will now go in someone else's home to create new memories. That thought made a difficult day a little easier to deal with. I will be happy to recommend your service to anyone"



 June 14, 2013

“When my dad passed away unexpectedly for a short but traumatic hospitalization I didn’t know what to do or even what order to do it. A friend from church highly recommended Caring Transitions to handle my dad’s estate sale. I honestly wish I had contacted them sooner than I did. I didn’t realize how full service they were. As soon as I hired them everything was taken care of. I no longer had to pay for my dad’s belongings to be stored, painfully look through things with memories attached, or even have to be present for any part of the sale process. I can’t fully describe the amount of emotional weight that was lifted and the relief I felt thanks to their service and I will be forever grateful”



November 21, 2013

We appreciate the effort, time and results of the estate sale that you ran for us after our departure from Joplin. Before the sale your explanation of the proceedings that such a sale entailed was thorough and well stated. It did indeed lift one burden off our shoulders as we packed and departed the fair city of Joplin. Thanks again for tying up those loose ends in our process of moving”



Thanks, folks. We’ve been honored to be allowed to share in a pivotal time in your lives.

                                                   - the Caring Transitions staff






Our employees are very important to our success. The quality of our services truly depends upon the caring professionals who are a part of our team. If you are looking for part-time work in a service that is truly appreciated, contact us today. Caring Transitions needs compassionate, trustworthy, dependable people to help make our transition services the total solution for families coping with Senior Moves, Downsizing, or Estate Sales.

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